Liquid Sampling Equipment

The ANALYZER by SELA is a clear rigid plastic pipe with an engraved numerical scale in 1/8” increments with a valve assembly on the bottom of the pipe.  A stainless steel rod connects the valve to a handle on top. It is designed to take core and bottom samples of liquids.  Its rugged construction will give you dependable long lasting service.  The Analyzer is a very versatile piece of equipment with many uses.  The Analyzer is used to take samples in fuel storage tanks, clarifiers in waste treatment plants, water treatment facilities, fifty five (55) gallon barrels, railroad tank cars, or any contained liquid you need to sample.  In fuel storage tanks, the Analyzer is like having an eye in your tank.  When taking a core sample, you get a very accurate inventory reading, see a cross sectional view of your tank, and a contamination reading.  When taking a bottom sample, you take a sample of the bottom contents of your tank to check for sedimentation, etc..  The Analyzer may be placed at fuel sites or put on transports.  Since the user can see the fuel clarity, color, contamination and level, misfuelings and contamination is pinpointed and dealt with before causing problems.  Never again wonder what is in your tank!  In clarifiers, the Analyzer lets you check the depth of the sludge blanket, compaction of sledge blanket, and see a cross sectional view of the clarifier, allowing you to run your clarifier more efficiently. Sampling of you clarifiers has never been so easy.  1 year warranty.

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