The corrugated plastic extrusion line manufactures plastic drink straws. The corrugation line is shown in this image. You can see the raw materials in the box being loaded into the hopper, melted in the extruder, formed in the corrugator, and then cut to form the desired length straw. The image below shows the finished products.

Corrugated Straws are manufactured from food grade LDPE (low density polyethelyne). The corrugated straws are available in the following lengths: 6.5, 8.75, 11, 13.25, 15.5, 17.75, and 20. Our standard colors are royal blue, green, natural, bright yellow, black, red, silver, bright rose,  and purple. We can  match any color when provided with samples or PMS color with a 50,000 piece minimum. These straws are very high quality with very vibrant colors. The straws can be purchased in bulk or bagged.

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