Bolt Sleeves

“SELA can custom fit your bolts”

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Bolt and Screw Protective Sleeves

SELA produces bolt sleeves used in several industries, including but not limited to aeronautical/aviation, along with sleeves that are used in concrete/construction industries.

Bolt sleeves produced for the aeronautical/aviation industries are typically made of LDPE in a thin wall from .160 up to .500 diameter (and metric equivalents) in lengths of 1/2” to 5” with larger and/or longer sleeves available (SELA does not manufacture sleeves shorter than 1/2”). These sleeves are made in an “oval shape” to allow one size to fit a range of diameters, and when bolt is to be used the sleeve is pinched round for easy insertion/removal.

SELA sleeves are typically used to protect the threads and shaft, not the head of the bolt, when high quality bolts are being used where the threads must be perfect.

Most bolt sleeves are made to order, although some items are stocked. Please inquire here.

If you would like to see how Sela manufactures Bolt Sleeves, click on the video below:


***SELA does NOT place the bolts in the sleeves.***

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