Corrugated Straws

Corrugated Drinking Straws manufactured by SELA are made of very high-quality FDA grade LDPE of North American origin in our York SC, USA facility. SELA’s corrugated straws are pliable, have a good tactile feel, and are made to precise specifications to reduce the possibility of kinking when bent.

Material Type:

  • LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is a fairly soft plastic with a good tactile feel and is very tough. It will stretch somewhat before breaking and the edges will be soft so that safety is not a concern. The grade selected by SELA for our corrugated straws is FDA grade and will not kink if bent into a U shape holding each end and bringing together, on straw lengths of 11” and longer. If the straw is collapsed in the center instead of bending into a U, it will kink.



Click on the video below to see how SELA manufactures Corrugated Memory Straws 


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Corrugated Straw Information

Lengths Available
Diameters Available
Standard Packaging
All price quotes will be provided based on packaging in poly lined boxes of 2,000 straws per case.
Packaging Options
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Stock Colors Available
ColorColor NamePMS Code
Light Purple258CP
Dark Purple267M
Neon Red (Fuchsia)198C
Coke Red485C
Light Blue2905C
Royal Blue (Pepsi Blue)287C
Signal Green375C
Lime Green374U
Hunter Green348C
BlackFDA Black
Custom Colors Available
Sela matches your specific color using a PMS #. Priced per colorant and quantity.
Pantone Colors
Customer supplied specific color.
Minimum run is 50,000 pieces.
Price adder $1.50/1000
Temperature sensitive color changing pigments: Very expensive, not directly certified as FDA material but rather third party certified FDA compliant. 100,000 piece minimum
Glow in the dark (phosphorescent): FDA certified. 100,000 piece minimum.
Fluorescent: Not FDA certified nor third party certified compliant. 100,000 piece minimum