Drinking Straws

Reusable Drinking Straws

SELA began manufacturing reusable plastic drinking straws in 1995. All of their straws are created from North American FDA grade materials that are manufactured right here in the United States. SELA has straws available in several forms including corrugated, corrugated memory, and smooth wall. Specific information for each type of straw is available by clicking on the links above.

SELA Customers

SELA greatly appreciates their loyal customer base, who are mostly comprised of manufacturers and decorators of drink cups, who then sell the complete package to theme parks, amusement parks, hospitals, stadiums, etc. SELA does not sell straws directly to retail locations, but does plan to start selling small quantities of straws to individuals for birthday parties, etc. SELA also donates straws to schools and other learning venues for special projects.

Straw Pricing

The questions asked most often is, “How much are your straws?” This cannot be answered without knowing the straw type, length, color, quantity, and packaging options. Once all this information is submitted, a proper quote may be provided. You may submit a request for a quote here.



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