Safety Glasses

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All glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards. Glasses are anti-scratch and 99.9% UV resistant while having side shields.

  • UV300OTG:  Clear over the glasses safety glasses with high impact polycarbonate lens. These glasses will fit over a pair of prescription glasses, with adjustable temples.
  • UV300OTGS:  Same as the UV300OGT, with smoke lenses.
  • SN410:  An inexpensive choice for safety glasses, they have a blue frame and high impact polycarbonate lens. With adjustable temples these glasses are optimal fit for sizes small and medium.
  • SN420S:  Disposable, Same as SN410, with smoke lenses.
  • EM2358S: Black or Gold metal framed safety glasses with high impact polycarbonate lens with extra heavy duty frame and structurally reinforced bridge with wider temples to reinforce contoured side shields. One size fits all.
  • EM2158C:  Same as the EM2358S, with clear lenses.
  • TI-25A soft, translucent green, flexible frame goggle. It features non-allergic material, flanged edge for a comfortable fit, transparent side panels, and adjustable elastic headband.
  • GB4080STBC Pyramex Sport glasses, can also change into XSG Safety Goggles with interchangeable arms or adjustable goggle strapping.

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