Coliwasa Samplers – The FDS Series

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The Fluid Disposable Sampler series Coliwasa (Composite Liquid Waste Sampler) by SELA, is a very safe sampling device with the concerns of worker safety and site appearance in mind, due to shattered sampling devices eliminated in the product. These samplers are manufactured various lengths and diameters. Custom lengths are also available. The samplers are made of Polypropylene (PP) and all FDS series samplers have a polypropylene plunger in the bottom to form a tight seal in the sampler bottom. The plunger is attached to a PP rod for operation, with the top of the rod handle.

  • FDS123:  Drum length sampler, 3.5 foot overall is very efficient for light viscosity liquids, especially used in oil collections for recycling.
  • FDS127:  A longer version of the FDS 123, This length sampler is 7 foot overall.
  • FDS343:  Drum length sampler, 3.5 foot overall. Large inside diameter of (.750) is efficient for high viscosity liquids or where a large specimen is desired. Also      used to provide samples for TCLP analysis.
  • FDS347:  A longer version of the FDS 343, This tanker length sample is 7 foot overall. This model will allow your personnel to sample the whole tanker or rail car, instead of the upper three feet.
  • FDS3410:   A longer version of the FDS 347, Rail car length is 10.5’ long. Please note, shipped by truck.
  • FDS107: Large 1″x1.25″ semi-disposable Coliwasa Sampler that retrieves 1/2 oz. per one inch column height of liquid.

Options: Inner rod may be lengthened by up to 2” to allow heavier viscosity liquids to enter.



FDS Sampler Series, Translucent Polypropylene
Part #Rod
DimensionWall ThicknessSpecimen
QC Rods
Per Case
FDS3433.5.750.93019.0523.62.0902.2861693225 or 50
FDS 1077.001.0001.25025.4031.750.1253.175361,1257210


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